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Jul 9, 2012 8:30pm EDT
of the best managed counties in the nation. and the arizona legislature she worked to make fiscal responsibility a hallmark of the arizona budget. she has always known that hard work is the way to make things happen. after losing her father at the age of 11, she worked with her mother after school and on weekends at her mother's dress shop. she learned that you never quit. on january 21,2009 she took this notion to our inauguration when she was sworn in as the governor of the state of arizona. [ applause ] >> and now, i would like to introduce to you and quit talking before congress decides it can tax me for talking, the gov nof ernor of the great stat arizona, jan brewer. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you all. thank you very, very much. good morning. good morning. wow this is like a safe port amid a storm. you guys are fabulous. and thank you for that very kind and warm introduction. but before i begin, let me begin by saying that i know that colorado is facing devastating wildfires up here, and i certainly have seen too many of them in the state of arizona. and they leave bla
Jul 14, 2012 2:30pm PDT
. >> in 1910, a national rifle competition was held in ohio. that's when the members of arizona's rifle team realized they were the only ones without a state flag. but, then, arizona wasn't a state yet. that would take another two years. in 1912, arizona became our 48th state, the last in the continental u.s. to join the country. and finally, arizona got its flag. >> arizona is one of my favorite flags. actually, the last five states added to the union used very simplistic, distinctive designs, and arizona is one of those. it's known as the "copper star flag" because copper mining was so popular in arizona. >> arizona still produces more copper than any other state in the nation, but it's also known for its magnificent natural beauty. >> since arizona's in the west, there's a reference to the setting sun, with 13 beams of sunlight. the number 13 is chosen as a reference to the original 13 colonies. >> beams are red and gold like an arizona sunset, but they're also the colors of the spanish conquistadors -- arizona's first european visitors. beneath the rays, a large field of blue represents
Jul 22, 2012 11:35pm PDT
lÍderes de la di densa en la isla, tensa esperas en arizona, en prÓximas horas se conocerÁ si entra en vigencia una de las mÁs dura mociÓn es de la ley de de arizona sb1070, vamos con mÁs noticias. >>> este es su noticiero univisiÓn fin de semana con felix. >>> buenas noches, bienvenidos al noticiero univisiÓn de fin de semana, hoy se viviÓ una emotiva jornada en colorado en torno a vigilia se uniÓ toda la comunidad para recordar a las vÍctimas de las mÁs cresacre de viernes, presidente barack obama se hizo presente y su junto con los familiares de vÍctima y sobrevivientes relatÓ se uno cuadro, pero no habla sobre el debate de la venta de toporte d arma, luis ha vivido de escerca este dÍa. >>> este fue un dÍa dificil para las personas de colorado, estamos frente a la municipalidad donde mÁs de suizo mil personas se congregaron a la caÍda del sol,. >>> al atardecer miles vinieron a recordar a las vÍctimas de la drat gu otraed guÍa mÁs grandes de la comunidad. >>> todos han sido tocado de cerca, por un acto de violencia, mÁs temprano presidente barack obama vino a junt
Jul 19, 2012 7:00pm PDT
,000 fine and to forfeit over $2 million. we head to arizona tonight as we continue our coverage of immigration and the economy. the state has become ground zero in the debate over immigration reform. with the supreme court recently upholding arizona's controversial "show your papers" law, mike sauceda reports on how that law has impacted phoenix area businesses. >> the happy sounds of cuban music at the havana cafe in scottsdale, arizona. customers come to enjoy the cuban dishes, and after the controversial immigration policy in arizona became law two years ago, business at the havana cafe slowed do you know. she owns the business with her husband. >> we have an economy which was detrimental in arizona, and also that law came in, and that was my woofrt fear. 2010. i believe that in the year 2010 after 1070 was passed, we dropped 20% more than we had in the prior years at the beginning of the recession. >> hernandez admits the the slowdown was not due to the immigration law alone, and the law made woorkers harder to find. still. the law gives her concerns, because of the show me
Comedy Central
Jul 3, 2012 11:00pm PDT
out of the supreme court. a decision regarding arizona's landmark immigration law sb1070. you'll recall the law required arizona police to ask anyone they stopped who they then suspect of being undocumented for their immigration papers. caveat being as long as some of the time they pretend they thought the person might be an illegal canadian. the obama administration challenged the law. arizona jan brewer maintained it was all constitutional. let's see who won. >> it is a victory for the obama administration. >> i think this is a victory for arizona. >> victory for jan brewer. jon: a victory for obama, arizona and governor brewer. a win-win-win. who lost here? >> big defeat for the president. this is a huge blow to arizona. >> a profound defeat for governor brewer. >> jon: are you [bleep] with me? defeat for the president, arizona and governor brewer. as always, news networks, your analysis is spot-on dead-wrong. actually i can understand people's confusion. the verdict was mixed. the court found three of the arizona law's four provisions unconstitutional. it left intact a par
Jul 1, 2012 3:30pm PDT
immigration. >> today is a day when the key components of our efforts to protect the citizens of arizona to take up the fight against illegal immigration in a balanced and constitutional way has unanimously been vindicated by the highest court in the land. >> arizona governor jan brewer applauded another u.s. supreme court decision. on monday, the high court ruled on the state of arizona and its law that deals with illegal immigrants. the high court ruled that police officers can continue to check the immigration status of people they stop. that means if someone is stopped for any offense, major or minor, and cannot provide proof of legal residency, then the police officer has the that person's legal status. >> question. how big of a victory was this for arizona governor brewer and how big a victory for president obama? eleanor clift. >> this was a total loss for the governor of arizona. the supreme court basically gutted the arizona law. they left -- they said that immigration is a matter for the federal government and states should not overstep. they left the papers please provision bu
Jul 27, 2012 6:00pm PDT
they are not the only people out in arizona. and listen to what was said about voter suppression. you are not going to believe it. you are watching "the war room," and it's only on current tv. of sununu, you're wrong. mitt romney, you're wrong. we need more teachers, not fewer teachers and more cops and more firefighters that support our in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought. ♪ ♪ jennifer speaks truth to power. >>the bottom line is we need an amendment. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. ♪ >>> there are a lot of folks in washington that are having serious conversations about the im mri indication of a fiscal cliff. it is really going to come down to this election. the lines have been drawn. this week in the se
Jul 27, 2012 9:00pm PDT
and phoenix stands to lose thousands of jobs if congress doesn't act. statewide, arizona would lose almost 50,000 jobs from those automatic cuts. so if phoenix is going to lose that much you better believe the mayor is going to kick into gear. he went to washington for the third time this month to talk about that. and joining us now is mayor greg stanton. welcome inside "the war room." >> happy to be here. >> tell everybody what would those massive and automatic spending cut mean for the city of phoenix. >> i'm the mayor of a city that is digging out from underneath a recession, we are heading in the right direction, and if this sequestration goes into effect if republicans and democrats can't reach agreement and compromise and come to an balanced approach we will go back into recession. that's how bad this is. this is not inside the beltway chatter. for folks like me that represent main street america, i'm a mayor, and i care about jobs and this will devastate my city and community. so i am demanding that republicans and democrats don't wait until november. get toget
Jul 31, 2012 6:00pm EDT
by representative trent franks, a republican from arizona arizona, would ban abortions in the district of columbia after 20 weeks of pregnancy. eleanor holmes northin said she was not allowed to testify at a hearing on the quill in may. >> when it goes to the floor, every member of the house will have a vote on a bill affecting only the district of columbia. >> reporter: in june, after the house voted down a different bill by franks, which would have criminalized the abortions, he made these comments. >> the other day when i tried to past the abortion restriction on this floor, mr. obama's comments went something like this. he thinks he should leave medical decisions to the individuals. >> reporter: arizona is one of several states in the past two years to ban abortion after the 20-week mark. the d.c. bill, which contains an exception for a threat to the mother's life s based on the claim that fetuses can feel pain at a gestational age of 20 weeks and older. last month, i tated district residents lined up outside of frank's office on the hill, urging him to take on other local issues, like pothole
Jul 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
of utah. i have an obligation to my constituents and the state of arizona that pay their taxes. the spending should not be spent on this. i asked a list of objectives for provisions be part of the record. >> is there an objection? hearing none, -- so ordered. >> the senator from arizona spoke about the report. i believe the senator from arizona has made a signet digging contribution and moved -- is attempting to move the congress in a direction we should go with respect to the olympic games. he has raised appropriate concerns. i can be specific about some of them. i will not be specific about them all because they are quite lengthy. for example, the $14.8 million for communications and for structure to which he objects in the department of treasury portion of the conference report. it was inserted at the request of the secret service who told us that -- told the appropriations committee that was the amount required. this was not something that was asked for by the salt lake organizing committee or by the senator from utah. it came from the departments themselves. that is true o
Jul 10, 2012 9:30pm EDT
giffords tuesday with a distinguished service award. the arizona congresswoman resigned from her house seat earlier this year to focus on her recovery after being shot while attending a constituent event in tucson. representative debbie wasserman schultz accepted the honor on giffords behalf. this is ten minutes. >> it is my distinct honor truly an honor and a privilege to present our 2012 distinguished service award to representative gabrielle giffords of the great state of arizona. bestowing our association's highest award on gabby giffords was an easy decision. in all her endeavors in public service, she's held and led by example in commendable distinction and courage. i've seen her as a unifying force on the house floor as well as in the nation. as you well know, her challenging schedule which includes focusing on getting well and still working on those issues that are so dear to her absorbs her time. therefore, we didn't want to impose any further on her schedule, but we are thrilled that on her behalf, one of her very best friends in the house of representatives, congresswoman debbie
Jul 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
phxtolomio atsnt s i jin s otunhe leat shsees,'sn evy committee that they formed in arizona. and one of t m'sid tehstee na hnt hpt pix annedr ono as a colleague at stanford and they both had practices in phoenix and rais their families there in the 1950's and0' xtti onoft figuthi g ntt o pei minated. takes to the floor of the arizona senate to talk about bill renquix. far removed from theolital --on any res aan n bein. shhrer srtix choice. taking the floor of the contrary walnut and marble arizona chr, ein rehui of terint s cry quote appeared to be head and shoulders above everyone else in the class and she is speaking into her hand-held micphone at thme a ses prtiha wsuus ve ond rehnquist didn't have a national profile the twhay other justices had. he -- the way that other justices h. he was first in his c an. cldusks er s bot sodylatl ofile and he was very much vigorously opposed by liberals. but she declares on the arizona senate floor on october 22, ause h y w 4t te t cohiti the possibility of a female appointy was not forgotten and she jokes at the end
Jul 2, 2012 6:30pm PDT
n dando consejos para los indocumentados . >>> ningún policía puede pedir en arizona , papeles , todavía están con temor de que la ley sb1070 de arizona , entre en aviso en cualquier momento . >>> después de que la corte suprema de justicia , le dio libertad a una ley , hicieron uso de internet para contrarrestar los temores , todos tenemos derechos básicos aúnque no tengamos papeles , alerta a los hispanos que hacer en caos de que la policía en arizona , le pida papeles . >>> no tienen que decir cual es su status migratorio por que es importante , por que cualquier cosa que se le dice a la policía puede ser usado en su contra , para usarla como evidencia en los derecho civiles ante la corte , van a ser llevados a la cárcel y ellos pueden hablar . >>> el uso de mensajes públicos , resultó ser un efectivo instrumento . >>> la uniónpara las libertades civiles , les mando una carta a la gobernadora de arizona , ya que aún@ sigue vigente la orden de suspension , en los angeles univisión . >>> la legislatura de california , aprobó un acta , en los propietarios de casa , es deci
Jul 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
entre en vigor la ley sb 1070 de arizona para alertar a indocumentados, jaime cuenta quÉ consejos d@@ la uniÓn norteamericana de libertades civiles para indocumentados. >>> aunque oficialmente ningÚn policÍa en arizona puedeciero ui n de la univisnoticiero univision primer frent@@e defensa,ticier o internet para contrarrestar o uv nortnricanaciero ision@@ision pn unles vrionticierivisio@@rtaivio Ée hacer si lo detienen o exigen papeles en arizona. >>> no tienen que decir su estatus migratorio. y eso es muyo univision@@heuniva de estatus migratorio, cualquier cosa que uno dice a la policÍa puede luego ser utilizado en su contra. >>> la intenciÓn que la comunidad hispana sepa documentar una detenciÓn injustificada, para usarla como evidencia de violaciÓn de n derechos civiles ante la corte. >>> van a ser @@noticiero univi@ centros de deportaciÓn. pueden documentar, y hablar con la familia, y decir que eionno pasÓ, y fue en contra de mis derechos civiles. demohÓ serivisio @@ticierefectin @@strumeciero paraision univise univisionunivision@@noticiero Óv ante autoridades.ision >>>
Jul 9, 2012 12:30am EDT
ruling on the affordable care act. we will hear from the governors of arizona and wyoming, a fox news analyst, and james robison. this is just over two and a half hours. >> it is a familiar feeling. men have your attention please, be in your seats, be in order. western conservative summit 2012 is in session for saturday the 30 of june. those of you who have been with us in 2010, 2011, note that just because the sum at program is printed and the press releases is out does not mean we stop trying to add a special guests and features. until this becomes the best conference you attend all year. this year is no exception. we have a special guest for you this morning. we tried, in fact 2 -- in fact, to have an even more special one. as president obama visited colorado yesterday, we urged him to extend his day to come to the western conservative summit and give an accounting of himself before a jury of his peers .hared by wayne lapierre we received words of his great regret. president obama had a previous engagement. i believe he had to be at home organizing his sock drawer. i think he had a
Jul 29, 2012 4:30pm EDT
in arizona, look at the trace data. and the trace data linked right back to the very stores who were participating in this program. so you have the evidence there, and can there's more evidence in the book of that. but that was the motive behind this. and, you know, peter forsellly who's faced a lot of retaliation for speaking out about this said, you know, under oath in front of congress that we weren't giving guns to people who were hunting bear, we were giving people to kill other people. and so, essentially, humans were being used as collateral damage to push this agenda of we need more regulation on border state gun shops. >> but they really didn't track for guns. >> no. right. >> there was that was the whole point of it was to track the guns, and they didn't track them. >> right. the only way their traceable now, when they show up at violet crime scenes, they're left at that scene, and then they're traced back to these gun dealers in the united states who were participating in this program. and one thing i want to bring up, too, is, you know, because the media hasn't really bee
Jul 10, 2012 3:30pm EDT
. >> thank you. my time is up. i yield back. >> chair now recognizes the gentleman from arizona, mr. quail. >> thank you, madam chair. thank you, director morton. good to see you again. you stated that 287-g program is an essential component of dhs' comprehensive immigration enforcement strategy. did you still agree with that assessment? >> i do, particularly for the jail model where it has proven to be a good use of our resources and a good use of the taxpayer dollars. i don't feel that way with regard to many of the task force agreements that have largely for economic reasons in the jurisdictions where they are found have become unproductive and have resulted in no removals. >> okay. so, i mean, on the i.c.e. website and in your statement there's a lot of very positive statements regarding the 287-g agreements and how it's great that we can have federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies working together. you were saying that right now in the present systems. i find it a little concerning that you have recently gotten rid of the 287-g agreement with arizona state and local law en
Jul 1, 2012 11:00am EDT
was allow these straw searchers to come into gunshots in arizona to purchase these guns. they were going to surveil these two cartel merchant service and traces guns into expensive mexican cartel network and effort to take them what they call the big fish in the cartel. they had to take on the cartel network. the problem is that too these guns actually got them ended up in immersing of one of our border patrol agents, brian terry, on 2010 it turns out that actually they were not tracking these guns. they send 2500 hands into mexico and than 2500 of them basically through gps recording devices on the that doesn't sound like a very series tracing program to me. >> and did this program, fast and furious, had any history in the bush administration? this is something comes up a lot. didn't have the same intent? what are the similarities and differences? >> we have heard that argument that this started under the bush administration. it is an umbrella program called project gunrunner that was sort under the bush administration that was using straw persons addressing them, stopping guys from buy
Jul 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
at racial profiling in the u.s. specifically state immigration laws in alabama and arizona, law enforcement against african-americans and efforts that target american muslims. the hearing also examined proposed solutions and witnesses include senator ben cardin of maryland who introduced legislation called the end racial profiling act. other witnesses include the police chief of east paloalitio, california. the executive director of the american civil liberties union and the president for the center of equal opportunity. dick durbin of illinois chairs the hearing. >> racial profiling is not new. at the dawn of our republic, roving bans of white men known as slave patrols had freed men and slaves to searches, detentions and brutal violence. during the great depression, many citizens were forcibly deported to mexico under the so-called mex row repatriation. tens of thousands of innocent japanese-americans were routed up and held confined in internment camps. 12 years ago, 12 years ago in march 2000, this subcommittee held the senate's first ever hearing on racial profiling. it was convened by
Jul 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
, regresamos con esto y mÁs en breve, quÉdese con nosotros. ♪. >>> se renueva la problemÁtica en arizona, por la ley sb 1070, que autoriza a policÍas a comprobar la legalidad de los detenidos. defensores de derechos de inmigrantes, fueron a la corte, luego que se diera el visto bueno a la secciÓn 2 b, jaime garcÍa nos dice que pretenden. >>> la batalla contra la ley sb 1070, regresa a la corte federal de arizona, donde defensores de derechos civiles e inmigrantes solicitaron a la jueza una orden que detenga la implementaciÓn de la seccion 2 b, para evitar que policÍa de arizona, exija pruebas de residencia legal, violando derechos consitucontra los de hispanos. >>> las persona se serÍan detenidos por un tiempo legal, y violarÍa la constituciÓn. >>> la corte suprema invalidÓ 3 secciones de la ley sb 1070, pero dejÓ con vida la seccion 2 b. >>> el vocero de la gobernadora, dijo que la solicitud de suspensiÓn no fue una sorpresa, pero la suprema corte, dictamiÓo la constitucionalidad, y se terminarÍa pronto como el viernes. >>> la suprema corte, dijo que no tenÍan un rÉcord y evid
Jul 29, 2012 5:30am PDT
arpaio y la ley sb 1070 de arizona. >>> y cuáles modelos de carro son llamados a revisión por hyundai, vamos con la información ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana con félix de bedout >>> buenas noches bienvenidos al noticiero univisión del fin de semana, miles de pacientes en por lo menos 13 hospitales de 8 estados podrían ser infectados con hepatitis c un hombre que tiene la enfermedad, habría contagiado con el mal a un número indeterminado de jeringas usadas en los centros de salud. >>> este es el hombre acusado de haber infectado a propósito a más de 30 personas con hepatitis c y ha obligado iniciar la búsqueda de víctimas, el hombre robó jeringas que tenían pentanilo, un analgésico má poderoso que la morfina, las inyeó y después las rellenó con solución salina, esto dio paso a la infección del virus,él era un trabajador temporal que trabajó en 13 hospitales, en new hampshire, nueva york, maryland, kansas, arizona, entre otros, (información en pantalla) por lo cuahay una advertencia. >>> cualquier persona que haya estado en esos hospitales
Jul 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
and suspend the rules -- and pass h.r. 3803 as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from arizona, mr. franks, a thnd egentleman from michigan will each control 0 minutes. mr. franks spks mr. speaker, i yield myself such time as i may consume. the gruesome late-term abortions of children who can feel pain is the most gruesome idea. this bill protects unborn children who have reached 20 weeks development from being subjected to inhumane, torturous late-term abortions on the basis that the unborn child feels pain by throes this stage of development, if not much earlier. just two dies -- days ago, a federal court upheld arizona's version of this bill. throughout america's history, the hearts of the american people have always been moved with compassion when they discover a heretofore hid cls of victims. once the humanity of the victim and the inhumanity of what was being done to them became clear in their minds. america son the -- on the cusp of another such real sigse. -- realization. technology has shown that unborn children clearly do experience pain. the single greatest hurdle
Jul 1, 2012 5:00am PDT
it illegal to be an immigrant in arizona without carrying documentation, another that made it a crime for undocumented immigrants to solicit work. but left in place the bill's controversial centerpiece, which requires arizona police officers to check the immigration status of people they stop, if they have reason to believe those people are in the country illegally. justice anthony kennedy writing for the majority admitted in his opinion "there is a basic uncertainty about what the law means and how it will be enforced." that uncertainty has not stopped politicians onç both sides fro claiming victory. here's jan brewer with the court's decision on monday. >> protect the citizens of arizona to take up the fight against illegal immigration in a balanced and constitutional way has unanimously been vindicated by the highest court in the land. >> despite the court's mixed ruling, it remains a very committed grassroots conservative movement on passing harsh immigration laws across the country. five more states have passed statutes inspired by the arizona law and we'll talk to one of the a
Jul 28, 2012 11:30pm EDT
contra el alguacil joe arpaio y la ley sb 1070 de arizona. >>> y cuáles modelos de carro son llamados a revisión por hyundai, vamos con la información ♪. >>> este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana con félix de bedout >>> buenas noches bienvenidos al noticiero univisión del fin de semana, miles de pacientes en por lo menos 13 hospitales de 8 estados podrían ser infectados con hepatitis c un hombre que tiene la enfermedad, habría contagiado con el@@not uni fsem e habernoi fsemlaision@@not uni f másunivndenot fsemana launivisis c ynot fsemanunionnoi fsemlaisin emana squedaunivision@@not uni n ionderosonoi fsemlaision@@uni f inyectói fsemlaision@@uni fsa l launivision@@not uni fsemana lan uns,él eionnoi fsemlaisionun@@ o @@italest uni ana la new hampsh nueva york, maryland, kansas, arizona, entre otros, (información en pantalla) por lo cual hay una advertencia. >>> cualquier persona que haya estado en esos hospitales está en riesgo de ser contagiado, son miles de personas. >>> ahora esas miles de personas tienen otro problema, porque laa n pruebas no están listas porq
Comedy Central
Jul 2, 2012 10:00am PDT
yesterday overturning arizona s.b.-1080, arizona's attempt to implement their own immigration policy in opposition to the current federal immigration policy of not having an immigration policy. (laughter) it was a 5-3 decision with elena kagan recusing herself and sonia sotomayor allowed to vote only after she showed her papers. (laughter) nation, nation, this decision is a disaster partly because it throws open our country's borders but mostly because mitt romney now has to express an opinion that might upset his pick voters. of course, it's great for obama, he's been pandering to latinos all year. what with last week offering to let young illegals stay and, of course, his shameful entrance at the state of the union. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states! (playing "mexican hat dance") (laughter) clearly mitt romney had to get on top of this issue. so last night he told a room of 200 donors in arizona "i would have preferred to see the supreme court give more latitude to the states, not less, there are states now under this decision that have less authority, less latitud
Jul 6, 2012 11:35pm PDT
, powell points to stories like ryan. he's in the boot camp in the arizona dessert with powell's wife hide di who is a also a trainer. losing his ample is the most visible damage from a car accident, but ryan says his psychological wounds are much deeper. >> i'm dealing with stuff that i've shoved under the rug. >> ryan's grueling year-long quest requires total commitment. powell was known for moving in wiz his clients to make over their lives, to break bad has been its. >> this is the man cave right here. >> nice. the powells let us move into their home, to a place cameras don't get to peak inside. even the expert motivator is ham strung by his 7-year-old. >> what do you want for breakfast? it's time to wake up, bud. >> given his rock hard abs and intensity, you would never guess this 34-year-old was the scrawny kid who failed to make the football team. >> i was just over 100 pounds about 5'3" at the time. >> his parents refused to let him go into despair and did something radical. >> there's a weight set sitting in the middle of living room floor. i was so weak and vulnerable at that tim
Jul 2, 2012 11:35pm PDT
solicito. >>> tuvo luz verde una incómoda parte de la ley sb 1070 de arizona tomar precauciones necesarias un primer paso para prevenir a los inmigrante de ese estado. que hacer en caso de ser detenidos. fue dado por una organización defensora de los derechos humanos a través de internet. y jaime garcía nos dice cuál es la organización y recomendaciones. >>> oficialmente ningún policía en arizona puede pedir pruebas de residencia legal en este estado, reina el temor de que la polémica sección 2 b de la ley sb 1070, entra en e febreroing y sin aviso en cualquier momento. >>> mientras se activa o no la gente quiere estar más segura que estar aquí, arriesgando toda la vida. >>> luego que la suprema corte dio día libre defensor de los derechos civiles montaron el primer frente dedo penas. haciendo uso de la internet para contrarrestar los temores. >>> es importante saber, que todos aquí, tenemos ciertos dfrps básicos, aunque no tengas papeles. >>> este mensaje de la unión norteamérica para las libertades civiles alerta a los hispanos sobre qué hacer en caso de que la policía
Jul 28, 2012 11:30pm PDT
hospitales, en new hampshire, nueva york, maryland, kansas, arizona, entre otros, (información en pantalla) por lo cual hay una advertencia. >>> cualquier persona que haya estado en esos hospitales está en riesgo de ser contagiado, son miles de personas. >>> ahora esas miles de personas tienen otro problema, porque las pruebas no están listas porque se necesita mucho personal, trabajo logístico y materiales. >>> las autoridades están en alerta, como dice el fiscal de new hampshire enfrentan un alto riesgo. >>> david fue arrestado en las afueras de un hotel de boston, él tenía una aparente nota suicida. >>> enfrentaría hasta 40 años de cárcel, por su parte las autoridades de la salud dicen que las pruebas para las personas podrían realizarse esta semana, pero también se pueden realizar pruebas con su médico de cabecera. >>> muchas gracias, adriana, también hay un nuevo caso de muerte por el virus del nilo occidental, las otras 2 muertes fueron en dallas y high land park, los funcionarios de salud temen un posible aumento de enfermos. >>> quien perdiera la vida en la masacre del
Jul 30, 2012 11:00pm PDT
arma . >> para defensa personal . >> [♪ ♪] . >> decena de indocumentados partiran de arizona en una carvana con lema sin papeles y sin miedo, para quien es el mensaje . >> veamos . >> estos son últimos momentos con sus hijos . >> si hay un poco de miedo pero bueno es decisión de ella . >> fue arrestada pedirá permiso para poder salir del estado y partir para reunirse con el resto del grupo . >> pero nosotros lo hacemos para que sepan que el miedo lo perdimos . >> a pesar de vivir más de 19 años en estados unidos no han regustrado . >> la imagen del indocumentado es una amenaza para ppolíticos,en arizona hay muchas propuestas algunas son ley otras fracazan . >> tenías que parar no te quitaba el carro . >> tiene como propósito cruzar el país por leyes contra el inmigrante . >> pero buscan una solucion . >> el mensaje será para el presidente barack obama decirle que haga algo por todas esas familias que han sido separadas porque si hizo algo vemos que pueed hacer para las familias también . >> univisión . >> gracias . >> en seguida . >> el próximo ciclo escolar pueden ser
Jul 18, 2012 6:30pm PDT
civiles y otras organizaciones no se dan por vencidas sobre la ley sb 1070 de arizona ellos continÚan en pie de lucha en cortes federales luego que ra ratificaron una parte importante de esta ley antiindocumentado, carlos botifoll tiene los detalles. >>> si lo que intenta el abogado Álvaro huerta prospera la policÍa ademÁs rÍo zode arizonÍ indagar el estatus mi gran grat >>> si estÉn mos exitenemos Éxi demanda no se pone en efecto la sesiÓn de enseÑame los papeles >>> esta es la secciÓn mÁs temida que poco sddrÍa converti los agentes como oficiales de inmigraciÓn, pero en stade maes demanda desde hace 2 aÑos, abogados nos dicen que presentan e evidencia que justifica frenarla >>> e-mail en este congresistas, mucha evidencia que enseÑa cuando estamos hablando de los indocumentados, querÍan decir mexicano, va a tener efecto en terminos de prolongar estos defectos >>> en estados unidos anularon 3 clÁusulas de la sb 1070 pero dejÓ en pie la seccion 2 b para permitir sobre inmigraciÓn y quienes fepiensen que son indocumentados >>> va hacer difÍcil pero estos casos no son f
Jul 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of arizona -- state of arizona, until a time when sb 10-70 would not be used to violate the citizens of that state. the supreme court ruling was largely a very positive one, and we are very happy to see that three elements of -- very critical elements of that -- were struck down as unconstitutional, in particularly the element -- element that allowed any police officer in the state of arizona to stop anyone that they suspected of being undocumented and ask for their papers. there are still -- there is still one provision that remains, that unfortunately, the u.s. supreme court did not strike down. the provision allowing members of the police officers in that state, when they do detained or stop someone for a different crime, to proceed to ask about their immigration status. even though the court acknowledged that -- on its face, a law was constitutional, that left open the opportunity that this could be found unconstitutional. for those of us with concerns -- this portion of the ruling remains problematic because this still leaves the door open for people who look like me in the stat
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